About Us

We are a team of industry experts working alongside seasoned product and technology professionals. Our platform helps payers improve payment accuracy, contain healthcare costs, and regain control of their claims accuracy process.

What We Do

Rialtic is a cloud-based enterprise platform that equips the healthcare system with transformational technology to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and reduce costs.

Our Vision

Rialtic is working to become the platform of choice in healthcare for payers and providers to run their most critical business processes.

Leadership at Rialtic

Doug Williams

CEO & Founder of Rialtic

Kyle Collins

Director, Product

Lisa Craig

VP, People

Rethna Eddy

Director, Talent

Jennifer Godreau

Director, Content for Professional Payment Accuracy

Michael Johnson

Chief Growth Officer

Doug Lee

Director, Client Success

Matt Michel

VP, Finance

David Scanavino

Chief Medical Officer

James Schaffer

VP, Product

Tonya Thepthongsay

Director, Risk & Compliance

Cliff Walker

VP, Implementation Services

Roy Ziegler

SVP, Go-to-Market


Mascot & Head of Awesomeness

Advisory Board

Chris Creel
Dr. Stephen Friedhoff
Andrew Gale
Dr. Patrice A. Harris
Paul Roma

Our investors include

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Health Velocity Capital logo
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Why we built Rialtic

Doug Williams

CEO & Founder of Rialtic

“We believe the healthcare system deserves improvement. We are on a mission to build the team and the software to become the platform of choice in healthcare for payers and providers to run their most critical business processes. That’s a big mission, but that’s the impact we want to have.”

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Our Values

At Rialtic, our values matter. They describe how we work together and how we want others to experience us. We live and breathe these values every day in service of our customers.

High integrity guides us

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Do the right thing. Provide candid feedback. Be humble, respectful, and in love with the truth.

Customer value comes first

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Delivering value to our customers is our North Star.

Be bold & accountable

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Speak up. Take accountability. Continually improve.

In pursuit of excellence

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Innovate, iterate, and chase the best possible outcomes.

Work as one team

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Collaborative, inclusive environment to advance our mission.

Take care of yourself & others

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Prioritize the health and wellbeing of yourself and your teammates.

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Rialtic Headquarters

The Techrise Building
3405 Piedmont Rd NE #120
Atlanta, GA 30305

(470) 688-3217